Kiki McDonough Lauren Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Leaf Earrings

Kate first wore these earrings to a mental health awareness engagement at Harrow College on October 10, 2015.

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From the website: “Beautiful and elegantly small these 18ct yellow gold and pave diamond leaf motif drop earrings are from our new Lauren Collection inspired by the British ballerina Lauren Cuthbertson.”

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The earrings are yellow gold shaped into a spade leaf shape and attached to a thin gold bar which acts as the earring’s post. The thin gold bar and the gold leaf are studded with pave diamonds. In the style of Kiki’s pieces, a single small diamond is positioned where the gold bar and leaf meet, to fill in the space.

Here they are on Kate:

Photo credit: Arthur Edwards-WPA Pool/Getty Images
Photo credit: Arthur Edwards-WPA Pool/Getty Images


She wore them later that day for the Wales vs. Australia rugby match.

Image licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 10/10/2015. London, United Kingdom. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watching the Australia V Wales game at the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham, United KIngdom. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images
Image licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 10/10/2015. London, United Kingdom. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watching the Australia V Wales game at the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham, United KIngdom. Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images


This is an exciting post for me to write because in a previous post, I selected the white gold version of these for Kate as a new pair I thought she should wear. I wonder if Kate reads my blog? ::P

The cost of these is £2,200 or $3,365 USD.

Shopping with Kate: Azuni London Jewellery Haul I

I thought it would be fun to create a category where I tell you all about my shopping experiences with brands Kate has purchased from.

Today I’ll be telling you all about my first shopping adventure with Azuni London.

I placed my order on September 10th and received it today. So it took more than one month to process and reach its destination. For anyone’s knowledge, the box was shipped from London to New York City.

I ordered three items from them. My pieces arrived in a small white box.



The jewelry was cushioned by purple tissue paper.


And this was inside:


Each piece was in its own drawstring bag.

They also sent me small gift bags, which was cute.


First item is these Athena Small Stone Drop Earrings. Kate owns the Aqua Chalcedony pair. I ordered the Lapis ones.

lapiz 2



Second item: Athena Teardrop and Stone Earrings in Aqua Chalcedony

“Old meets new with these cute antique style earrings. Hand textured teardrop hoops suppend from 6mm fine cut stones. Looking good by adding these to any outfit could not be easier. Finished in 24 carat matt gold plate. Height 30mm, including ear wire.”

I thought the gemstone would be a paler blue when I saw these earrings on the website. It’s more greenish in person.


Here you can better see the golden luster.


Third item: Solar Gemstone Pendant Necklace in Garnet

“This beautiful semi-precious gemstone necklace suspends from a sparkling diamond cut ball chain. With a unique textured finish and 24ct Gold plated.,the necklace is adjustable from 16.5 to 18 inches. Pendant measures 1.3cm in diameter.”





The chain has a small gold coin stamped with the Azuni London name attached to it.



I will update this post later in the week to tell you all what I think of the pieces. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. I am happy with the appearance of them. They are what I wanted and I especially am pleased with the necklace because it’s exactly what I imagined it would look like in person.

Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop Earrings

Kate debuted these gold earrings at the Rugby World Cup.

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“Made in 18ct gold plated silver, these divine fern earrings add a feminine touch to the traditional hoop earring. As seen on HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Also available in silver. Width of fern hoop 22mm.”

The first half of the hoop is a standard thin line of gold and it blossoms out beautifully into a curved gold fern, completing the circle of gold. It is attached to a French hook.

Strictly speaking, these are not true hoops. Hoop earrings have a post which is attached directly to the hoop. They do not utilize a French wire/hook. However, Catherine Zoraida officially titled these earrings “hoop earrings” and many people would recognize these as hoop earrings.

Here they are on Kate:

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Photo credit:

It’s lovely to see these on Kate. They are a distant echo of what she wore before her marriage (she regularly wore hoop earrings during her mid 20s), and it’s great to see her in something modern and fun.

The cost of these earrings is £130, or about $200 USD.

Patrick Mavros Crocodile Stud Silver Earrings

Another NYC debut, Kate wore these to a conservation reception at the British Consul General Residence.

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From the website: “As a family, we have a deep fascination for crocodiles. They are remarkable creatures – remaining physiologically unchanged for a hundred million years. The element of danger surrounding crocodiles has always intrigued us. This range of jewellery captivates an ancient African mystique and the tactile feel of each piece has an exciting and exotic appeal.”

These are made of solid sterling silver. Anna of My Small Obsessions owns these earrings and according to her they are quite heavy.

Here they are on Kate.

Photo credit: Splash News
Photo credit: Splash News

The large pair costs £130 or about $199 USD.

I think these are quite cute. It’s a whimsical design, having a silver crocodile biting on the edge of your ear. 🙂

Deep Blue Stone Bracelet

Kate wore this bracelet to the 2006 Boodles Boxing Ball.

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Photo credit:


Here is the closeup:



I’ve been trying to properly name this color. It looks like a stormy deep blue with tones of green.

But in this photo, it looks more teal.

 Credit: Goff/   Ref: kguk-42

Credit: Goff/ Ref: kguk-42


The bracelet is made of capsule-shaped stones (possibly quartz) set in gold plated metal and linked by four gold metal beads on each side of each capsule. I am assuming this is a stretch bracelet.