RepliKate for Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Citrine Pear Drop Earrings

My favorite shop for replikates created one for the much adored Citrine Pear Drop Earrings.


The golden crystal is lighter than it appears to be.


Here the Kiki version on Kate.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Here is the replikate on my earlobe.



I think this is a very good replikate. At a distance, it looks very similar to the Kiki version.

The differences are:

-The metal frame surrounding the crystal is thicker on the replikate.
-The replikates are gold plated and not solid gold.
-From what I have seen in photos, the real ones have an endless hoop closure, not a leverback.
-The originals are more amber/honey colored citrine. The replikates are colored crystal.

What do you all think? Does this pass as a decent replikate?

The Looking Glass Shop (the same shop that made the Asprey Woodland Charms replica I gave away) is continuing to create these earrings. If they have sold out, send a message to Jillian and she will make you a pair.

These cost $20 USD.

I have decided that I want to own the originals made by Kiki McDonough. They are expensive, but I desperately want to own at least one Kiki item that is owned by Kate, and I love citrines anyway. It makes sense to buy them. It will be an investment piece.

When I do buy them, I will be able to properly compare them to these and show you all the photos. 🙂

White Half Moon Pendant Earrings

While she was dating William in 2006, Kate wore these statement earrings.

I believe they are costume jewelry.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


Here is the closeup:

half moon


It’s a pendulum-type pendant, with a sideways “D” at the bottom. Two string attachments flank the edges of the pendant and allow it to swing from what I think is a French hook. It does not glisten the way silver does, so I think this is a white pendant and not a silver one.

I believe I have seen her wear this at another time. I will update with more photos when I find some. You may also send me photos if you find any.

Shopping with Kate: Catherine Zoraida Haul I

After many months of saving and scrimping, I finally managed to make my very first Catherine Zoraida purchase!

It took about 11 days to reach me from the UK (I live in New York City). It arrived in a large UPS envelope. Inside the envelope was this fuchsia foil envelope.

red envelope

This is everything that was in the envelope.



I received two black velvet earring boxes, a Zoraida booklet, a Zoraida business card and a handwritten note from Catherine herself.

It was so lovely of Catherine to include a note she wrote herself. It is a really splendid gesture of appreciation, to let her clients know she truly values our patronage.



The business card (the back of it is the teal image you see above).



And the gorgeous catalog I was sent.

The first page features a statement from Catherine.



The subsequent pages feature product photos of current, available merchandise.

The earrings on the right hand bottom corner are the ones I purchased. 🙂









The catalog features a photo of one of their most famous clients.


The back of the catalog includes a slot for the cards I was sent.

Here are the Double Leaf Earrings, worn by Kate.

gold leaf 2

gold leaf3

With flash:


I can see why Kate chose these! They are stunning, lightweight, swing nicely and glitter the same way they do in the press photos. You can see that they are somewhat bent. In the media photos I thought they looked like two flat leaves, but I can see now that is not the case. I thought they would be a little heavy, but they’re not. They are just perfect. If you have thought about buying them, I highly recommend that you do.

They come on a French hook.

gold leaf4


The second pair of earrings I purchased are the Hibiscus Sweet Nectar Stud Earrings 



I am very impressed with the attention to detail on these earrings. They truly look like mini hibiscuses dipped in liquid gold.



I took a side shot so you can see the tiny gold style in the center.





I am thrilled with my purchase. I absolutely will be a repeat customer with Catherine Zoraida, and I recommend them if you are looking for high quality jewelry.

Accessorize Teardrop Cut-Out Black Stone Earrings

Around 2006-2007, Kate wore these sizable statement earrings.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


Here is the closeup:

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions

It appears to be a stretched teardrop pendant with the inner part hollowed out. At the base of the inner bottom is a round black stone, possibly black onyx. The earring is silver toned and is attached to a French hook.

It looks like Kate wore these to work during the time she was working for Party Pieces.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Vinnie Day Gold Disc and Citrine Pendant Necklace

At the Youth Reception in Canada (2011), Kate wore another Vinnie Day piece, a bespoke necklace.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions/Vinnie Day
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions/Vinnie Day


At first, many people couldn’t ID this necklace because we couldn’t find it on Vinnie Day’s website or any other company’s website. The reason for this is because it was a bespoke piece made just for Kate.

From My Small Obsessions: 

“Vinnie Day sent this photo of the gold citrine necklace Kate wore during the North American in 2011 to Arwenn who was enquiring about the necklace for herself. As you see, here all details match, chain, tiny citrine, size and everything.
I got this ID, when I was doing my posts on Duchess’ jewellery. Vinnie Day left a comment saying “Hi Anna, The UFO Necklace with circle pendant is one of my bespoke pieces. Please update this on your blog. Many thanks, Vinnie Day” “

 It consists of three pendants. The first is a round, flat gold-plated disc covered with a dimpled texture. On top of this is a smaller disc, also round, flat and gold-plated, with a smooth surface (I suspect it was placed there to give the necklace some contrast). The second disc is nearly half the size of the first disc. The final pendant is a small round citrine stone in a gold-plated halo setting. It sits atop the other two pendants, so all three pendants are visible at all times.
Here is it on Kate.
From the information above, it seems that one can request a necklace made for them if they so desired.

Gold and Green Stone Quatrefoil Pendant Necklace

Kate wore this necklace to her university graduation.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions

At first, I didn’t realize it was the same necklace she wore in this post, because it was flipped around.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

The pendant is a thin gold quatrefoil with a 6 petal gold flower in the center. There is a green gemstone in the middle of the flower. Four marquise-shaped green stones reach from the corners of the flower to touch the inner curve of the quatrefoil. The green stones may be emeralds, tsavorite garnet, or simply colored quartz.

The discussion surrounding this necklace is quite interesting. At first, I believed this to be a mere costume jewelry piece. After reading some information on My Small Obsessions, I found out that this could actually be an antique necklace. A MSO Facebook fan discovered an Edwardian era necklace that is in the same style as Kate’s necklace.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions


With this new information, I have some questions:

1) If this really is an antique piece made of real gold and real gemstones,. why doesn’t Kate wear it more often? It’s obviously a valuable piece of fine jewelry.

2) If Kate no longer wears this, does this mean she does not have access to it? Was it a borrowed piece? Is it a family heirloom that truly does not belong to Kate?

3) If this is not an antique necklace, is it simply costume jewelry made to imitate Edwardian style jewelry? To me, the gold does sparkle in a way costume jewelry gold doesn’t.


RepliKate for Kiki McDonough Classic Green Amethyst and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings

I think I have a decent repliKate for the green amethyst cushion cut drops on gold hoops.

I used my Zales hoops and I got the green amethyst drops from Heavenly Necklaces. 


For comparison, here is the Kiki version:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


And here they are on Kate:

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


The HN version are slightly larger at 12mm, Kate’s version is 10mm. I also think her version is more cool-toned. Mine is more yellow (although the difference is very slight).