Diamond and Emerald-Cut Emerald Earrings

Along with the matching bracelet, Kate debuted these extravagant and magnificent earrings at the St. Andrews Gala in NYC (December 2014).

Photo credit: www.whatkatewore.com
Photo credit: http://www.whatkatewore.com


Here is the closeup:

Photo credit: www.whatkatewore.com
Photo credit: http://www.whatkatewore.com

You can better see the yellow diamonds in the photo below.

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions


The earrings are made of an emerald surrounded by white and *yellow diamonds in a square-cut setting. About three strands of white diamonds cascade down to the emerald pendant, creating a chandelier appearance. It looks like the two outer strands consist of small diamonds while the center strand features much larger diamonds. A post with a salient edge clips the earring on. The post is studded with white diamonds and appears to be an addition to the main component of the earring, probably added on after the pendant and strands were created.

It looks like all the diamonds are different shapes and sizes. I see baguettes, marquises, and round cut diamonds on this piece.

Like the bracelet, I believe this is set in either white gold or platinum.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge depart the St. Andrews 600th Anniversary Dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA on December 9, 2014.Pictured: Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Kate MiddletonRef: SPL909157 091214 Picture by: James WhatlingSplash News and PicturesLos Angeles:310-821-2666New York:212-619-2666London:870-934-2666photodesk@splashnews.com

On February 18, 2018, we learned that these earrings are detachable.

*With thanks to Joyce P. and Anna of MSO for pointing out that there are light yellow diamonds on these and the bracelet as well.


3 thoughts on “Diamond and Emerald-Cut Emerald Earrings

  1. I was so happy when she wore these earrings. They were such a beautiful addition to her JP dress.

    Thanks for mentioning they reminded you of the Diana Saudi Arabia set. I clicked over to the website detailing the set and spent about a half hour ‘drooling’ over them and her other Sapphire goodies. I’ve always loved the necklace, it is so nicely designed and looked great with her eyes! I had no idea there was a set that went with it! I look forward to seeing either Charlotte or Harry’s daughter wearing the necklace or some other part of the set someday. I don’t think Diana ever wore the ring, although I could be wrong. I was born a few years after she died, so my knowledge is limited to pictures and books. 🙂 Great article, dear!


  2. From ‘The Queen’s Jewels’ p.147 by Leslie Field, 1987

    ” The Princess of Wales’s most magnificent wedding gift was a sapphire and diamond suite from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Made by Asprey, it consists of an enormous Burmese sapphire pendant set in a jagged sunray fringe of baguette diamonds and hung on a thin diamond necklace; a matching pair of earrings and ring; a two-row bracelet of brilliant-cut diamonds with a smaller version of the sapphire pendant as a centrepiece; and a wristwatch, the face set in the same diamond sunray fringe and the strap consisting of seven oval sapphires set in clusters of diamonds….”

    ” The Princess often wears the necklace and earrings, and occasionally the bracelet, but she has used the stones from the watch and ring to make completely new pieces of jewellery. Four of the sapphire and diamond clusters from the watch strap were made into a pair of earrings, with two of the clusters as detachable pendant drops. The oval sapphire from the ring was set in the diamond sunray frame of the watch and is now the centrepiece of a wide choker of midnight-blue velvet backed with Velcro. On either side of the sapphire is a chain of small diamonds, three deep, which runs halfway round the choker. The Princess wore the choker as a headband on her official visit to Japin in 1986, at a State banquet hosted by the Emperor.”


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