Accessorize Twisted Circle Drop Earrings

On March 4, 2020, Kate wore these Accessorize earrings to an event in Ireland.

From the website: “Simple but eye-catching, these elegant gold-tone earrings  feature a hoop drop pendant with A textured, twisted surface that shines in the light.”

A very simple design, they consist of a smaller hoop set above a larger hoop. Both are twisted into a rope-like appearance and are plated in gold.

Here they are on Kate:

These cost £5 or $7 USD.

Accessorize Polly Petal Earrings

On May 19, 2019, Kate wore these earrings to visit the Back to Nature garden with William and their children.

From the website: “Embrace prettiness in all its glory with our Polly petal earrings. Decked with slinky drops and pink gems, they’re sure to draw the focus in your outfits.”

The materials used to make these costume jewelry earrings are resin, zinc and iron.

Here they are on Kate:

These cost about £8.

Shopping with Kate: Accessorize Filigree Bead Short Drop Earrings

I thought I didn’t have a shot at owning the same earrings Kate wore several times during her time in India, but then the wonderful Marianna of Books, Birkins and Beauty told me that her local Accessorize store still had a few pairs left. She shipped a pair of these golden beauties to me, and now my dream has been fulfilled! Thank you, Marianna! ❤

The earrings arrived in a pretty floral paper sack. Inside the sack was a small, pink tissue paper-enclosed parcel. The wrapping of Accessorize jewelry must vary from store to store because my own shopping trips to brick and mortar stores have resulted in packages wrapped with only pink tissue paper, not an additional layer of paper.


Here are the earrings:


They are very light and dangle easily. They look rather large on Kate, but in reality they are more modest in size. I really love them. They are delicate-looking and the gold sparkles so nicely. Even though they are costume jewelry they don’t look so cheap. The beads between the coins and the pendant are a soft cream shade. The bead connecting the hook to the pendant is more of a pale peach color.

The back of the earrings are flatter (the front of the filigree pendants look raised) and the small coins are completely smooth.


When I wear them, I can barely feel them. They are not at all as heavy as they appear to be in photos.


I think the drop of them makes them appear to be larger than they actually are.


Accessorize Filigree Bead Short Drop Earrings

To play cricket with young children in Mumbai India on April 10, 2016, Kate wore these Accessorize earrings.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


From the website: “Beautifully detailed, these short-drop filigree earrings are embellished with faceted beads and small, beaten coins.”

The composition breakdown: 50% Zinc, 30% brass, 20% glass.

Here they are on Kate:

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions

Books, Birkins and Beauty initially suggested these could be from Accessorize.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


These are priced at $16 USD. They are currently sold out on the website.

Accessorize Teardrop Cut-Out Black Stone Earrings

Around 2006-2007, Kate wore these sizable statement earrings.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:


Here is the closeup:

Photo credit: My Small Obsessions
Photo credit: My Small Obsessions

It appears to be a stretched teardrop pendant with the inner part hollowed out. At the base of the inner bottom is a round black stone, possibly black onyx. The earring is silver toned and is attached to a French hook.

It looks like Kate wore these to work during the time she was working for Party Pieces.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Shopping with Kate: Accessorize Haul I

During her pre-marriage years, Kate wore various jewelry pieces and accessories from this UK-based, affordably-priced company.

Luckily for us Yanks, they opened up some stores across the U.S. I went to one in Virginia and purchased a few things.

I’m in love with the gorgeous pink and black design of their shopping bags. It’s hip, chic and feminine all at the same time.



I bought three items: one necklace, one pair of earrings, and one bracelet.



I have been wanting a pair of teardrop crystal earrings like these for some time now. They are so pretty and very wearable. I wore them to work today. They also pair well with dressier outfits. I can wear them to the opera the next time I go.


Here is my new pale blue teardrop gemstone statement necklace.

blue necklace


I’ve been wanting to own more bracelets, so I got this blue and gold multi-chain number. It has a cute little charm with “A” on it for Accessorize.



The sales associate who rang me up was very sweet. There was a sale running at the time which allowed me 20% off if I purchased two or more items. The sales associate decided to be kind and gave me 40% off the entire purchase! I paid just under $35 for the items shown above.

I’m happy with what I bought. Every piece seems to be sturdy and well-made. I always worry about costume jewelry being shoddy and prone to falling apart, but it looks like that won’t happen with these.

Which pieces do you own from Accessorize? Is there anything you’d want to buy from them?