Choice Selections for Kate: Vol. 6 (Special Edition for India/Bhutan Tour)

I typically don’t publish Choice Selections for Kate posts so close together, but I wanted to publish this one in anticipation of Kate’s jewelry choices for the upcoming India/.Bhutan tour.

I’ve selected some pieces from Asian designers I think would look amazing on Kate.

Amrita Singh 14k Gold and Pink Tourmaline Asma Earrings- $3,500


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Yellow gold discs are studded with sparkling pink tourmaline stones. They are suspended in thin gold hoops, echoing some of Kate’s past earring choices. 

Amrita Singh 22k Gold Uncut Diamond and Ruby Misha Earrings- $8,000

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Measuring at just about 0.75 inches, these would be a nice addition to her Mouawad ruby and diamond necklace and matching bracelet. I know she has moved more toward minimal pieces in recent years, so these could even work with the wear-to-work styles she dons while she’s not traveling.

Farah Khan Diamond Quintessential Pendant- $4,012

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For items that are more Kate-esque, this white gold and diamond pendant is of a striking wavy design and is in the white gold family (Kate is very fond of white gold). It’s more daring than her Mappin & Webb Fortune White Gold necklace.

Anna Hu White Orchid Earrings- Price Unavailable

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It seems like these are from a 2013 collection, but I still see them looking stunning on Kate. We know she likes leaf jewelry, and these are glamorous while still being understated.

Anna Hu Sapphire Drop Earrings-Price Unavailable

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I think I am not alone when I say that Kate needs more sapphire earrings (to give her sapphire and diamond earrings a rest). These would be a nice stand-in and they don’t look terribly massive.

I first heard of Anna Hu when I was doing some research on the Queen Consort of Bhutan, Jetsun Pema. Anna Hu’s work is widely renowed. Hollywood celebrities often don her jewels and she even had an exhibit of her jewelry designs displayed at the Louvre!

What do you all think of my choices? Would you add anything to this list?

Choice Selections for Kate: Vol. 5

I was very pleased to see Kate add the Kiki McDonough Morganite Drops to her collection. Give how many pink fashion ensembles she’s worn, it supports her fashion choices to acquire some pink jewelry.

I would be delighted to see her in some of these trinkets I’ve chosen.

Mappin & Webb Pink Freshwater Pearl Earrings- £150

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This would be the perfect fit: we know how much the Duchess loves pearls, and pearl studs would be a terrific way for her to ease pink tones into her jewelry collection. They’re tiny enough to not deluge her conservative outfits but still remain whimsical and cute.

Tiffany and Co. Elsa Peretti Cross Pendant in 18k Rose Gold- $800

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We already know that Kate isn’t opposed to wearing crosses. This cross necklace features an unconventional reimaging of the Christian symbol. The arms of the cross are slightly plump, almost in a cartoonish way. It’s unadorned and at 12mm, quite discreet.

Tiffany and Co. Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Pendant- $1,050

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This is a little more intricate than Kate is used to, but I still see it working for her. It’s a beautiful blush rose gold pendant shaped to resemble a cluster of olive leaves. It works with Kate’s love of nature themed jewelry and underscores her affinity for the outdoors.

Tiffany and Co. Atlas Pierced Pendant in 18k Rose Gold- $800

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Kate has some experience with sailing, so why not incorporate that pastime into her jewelry? This minimal and sparkling pendant features Roman numerals and four small white diamonds. It would even work with something other than a pink outfit because it’s so small and understated.

Boodles London Blossom Rose Gold Diamond Stud Earrings-£1,200

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Kate twice attended the Boodles Boxing Ball: in 2006 and 2008. I think it would be appropriate for her to wear something from this well-established British brand (it was founded in 1798). These winsome studs would look so pretty on Kate. They’re set with white diamonds and made of 18k rose gold. I can see her alternating these with the Kiki morganite drops, and they would look excellent with her hair pulled up or back.

If you can think of a pink jewelry item Kate would look nice in, show it to me in the comments below.


Choice Selections for Kate: Vol. 4

I found some warm yellow pieces that I think would look great on Kate.

Links of London Diamond Essentials Pave Round Stud Earrings- £195

It occurred to me as I watched Kate at the Festival of Remembrance this year, that she would look great in that black lace Dolce & Gabbana dress with a pair of yellow gold and diamond studs. She already owns the cool-toned Grace studs, but she could use a set of diamond studs surrounded in warmer yellow gold. These are yellow gold vermeil.

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Stephen Webster Plumage Cocktail Earstuds- Price Upon Request

Branching out a little from the basics, these Webster creations are 18k white gold with marquise cut green tourmaline, peridot and yellow sapphires, pear shape peridot and white diamond pavé. I think they would be really fun for Kate. As studs, they won’t overwhelm her outfit and they would add a zip of color near her petite face.

Photo credit: Stephen Webster
Photo credit: Stephen Webster


Links of London Wimbledon 18ct Yellow Gold Vermeil & Diamond Racket Necklace- £250

Kate has attended Wimbledon every year since 2011. It would be adorable for her to wear this to her next tennis match viewing. It could also be suitable for other sports-related events such as the Olympics and SportsBall Gala (which Kate did attend in November 2013).

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Monica Vinader Linear Diamond Toggle Chain Bracelet- £355

With the exception of her C Gold Charm Bracelet, I don’t think I’ve seen her wear too many simple gold bracelets. I love this one from Monica Vinader. It’s made of yellow gold vermeil and has a pave diamond toggle clasp. I can see her pairing it with so many different ensembles.

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Azuni Solar Gemstone Pendant Necklace: Smoked Quartz-£36

I own this necklace in Garnet. I think the size of the pendant and the drop are just perfect for Kate’s usual day engagements at schools and centers. It’s in 24k gold plating. The smoked quartz stone color is just right for a necklace that should go with everything.

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Choice Selections for Kate: Volume 3


For this edition of Choice Selections for Kate, I will be focusing solely on diamond earrings.

Kate relies on her trusty Round Diamond and Baguette Diamond earrings quite a bit. She has also borrowed Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond chandelier earrings when she needed more glamorous jewelry to wear. While these are both lovely earrings, I would like to see her in a different pair of diamond earrings for a change.

Here are a few I think would look amazing on her and would work across different ensembles and occasions.

Stephen Webster Stargazer Small Earrings in White Gold and White Diamonds-Price on Request 

I love much of Stephen Webster’s work: it’s elegant, striking and very contemporary. You won’t find much filigree or traditional design here. Stephen uses unconventional inspirations for his collections, such as the Seven Deadly Sins and the Zodiac Signs. These white gold and diamond earrings, with their sharp points and austere design, would be a nice alternative to a generic diamond chandelier earring.

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Kiki McDonough Lauren White Gold Pave Diamond Leaf Earrings- £2,200

These would be so adorable for everyday functions and engagements. They’re made of white gold and are designed to look like leaves. I can see these easily replacing her round diamond and baguette diamond earrings.

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Kiki McDonough Aurora White Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings- £4,200

These 18ct white gold and diamond earrings are from the Aurora collection. I like their intricate floral-like design and their similar-appearing post. The designs are complex and still elegant, so Kate could wear these to a red carpet event and not be out of place.

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Kiki McDonough Diamond Flower Motif Drop Earrings- £3,200
Even though these are called flower motif earrings, I still see them as reassembled teardrop designs. The motif reminds me of earrings Kate wore when she was in her mid 20s.
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Kiki McDonough Diamond Lattice Drop Earrings- £5,500
I hesitated to include these because I wasn’t sure if I loved them. I decided to throw them into this post because they would still be nice for Kate. The round drop is an interesting alternative to the standard long dangle I see on most diamond chandelier earrings.
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Asprey Savoy Knot Diamond Earrings- £8,750

These would be a great addition to Kate’s wardrobe. They’re small enough for regular events, and the design is in sync with Kate’s simple tastes in jewelry. It’s one knot formed by a single strand of diamonds on white gold which twists around and comes back up.

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Garrard Albermarle Diamond Chandelier Earrings-Price on Request

It was difficult to pull up information on these earrings because Garrard Jewellers tends to be rather quiet on their creations and prices. What I do know is that these were created as a part of the Albermarle collection in 2014. If Kate wanted to go in a more traditional direction, these chandelier earrings would be perfect for her.

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What do you think of my selections? What would you choose for Kate to wear?

Choice Selections for Kate: Volume 2

I found some pieces by Astley Clarke that I think would look great on Kate.

They remind me a little of her style prior to her marriage. Do you agree?

Astley Clarke Moonlight Star Mosaic 18ct Gold Vermeil Necklace- £265

This gold and white round pendant is adorable and perfect for everyday functions and engagements. I think the combination of white and gold is a nice change from cool metal tones.





Astley Clarke 18ct Gold Vermeil Blue Topaz Necklace- £195

I would love to see a simple blue topaz necklace on Kate. This one is simple and pretty enough to match her style.

blue topaz



Astley Clarke 18ct Gold Vermeil Moonstone Necklace- £160

If blue topaz is too bold of a color for her, this moonstone necklace would be a nice alternative. It could also go with many of her casual outfits.





Astley Clarke Stilla Labradorite Drop Earrings- £125

This pair of earrings may be a little outside of her comfort zone, but she could pull them off, I think. It would be nice to see her wearing a stone like labradorite.



Tory Burch Babylon Horn Necklace- £220

Given how much Kate likes Patrick Mavros jewelry, I bet she would love this horn necklace. It would fit in with her work for conservation efforts in Africa.


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Choice Selections for Kate: Volume I

I thought it would be fun to create a category where I select jewelry pieces that I think would suit Kate’s look.

I thought it would be fitting to start with some pieces by Kiki McDonough, since Kiki pieces are plentiful in Kate’s jewelry chest.

Aurora Diamond and Amethyst Stud Earrings- £1.300
I think Kate could use some more studs in her collection, and these are a few steps above basic round studs. I also love the shot of purple color.




Kiki Classic Lavender Amethyst and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings- £1,300
I think you’ll notice a theme here, haha! Yes, I do think Kate needs more purple in her jewelry box, and a great way to introduce it would be with these pale purple earrings. They’re already in her favorite cushion cut style, so it wouldn’t be too daring of a design for her to try.




Green Amethyst and Diamond Clover Earrings- £3,900
These would be a lovely addition to her St. Patrick’s Day outfits, and it would give her usual Classic Green Amethyst and Diamond Oval Drop Earrings a day off.



Peridot and Lemon Quartz Pear and Oval Studs- £1,900
I would love to see more lemon quartz on Kate. She has worn peridot before, so these could ease her into wearing lemon quartz. It could work with her red and beige outfits if she wishes to coordinate them with something other than gold.



Feather Yellow Gold Double Pendant- £2,900
If Kate wanted a change from her Asprey Woodland necklace, she could opt for this feather one instead, and it could coordinate well with her Catherine Zoraida Double Leaf Earrings. 




Eve Large Single Citrine Bee Necklace- £1,200
This would fall in line with her nature themed jewelry, and it would go so well with her Citrine Pear Drop Earrings. 



Lola Green Amethyst and Diamond Pendant- £2,200
Kate could use a green amethyst pendant in her collection, and this one is just detailed and glittery enough to accommodate her style while still being adequately professional for royal duties.



Lola Gold and Diamond Interlocking Loop Necklace- £1,900
The plain yellow gold hoop looks banal at first, but the diamond hoops sparkles it up just enough.



Lola 18ct White Gold and Diamond Bangle- £1,900
I think Kate should try out a cool silver or white gold bracelet that is something else besides her standard Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard bracelet. This would be a nice one to start with.




What do you think of my selections? Which ones would you choose for Kate?