Shopping with Kate: Claudia Bradby Kate Necklace

It was through the generosity of a fellow replikater that I was able to buy this necklace. She sold it to me and made sure to reserve it just for me.

This is the necklace Kate designed for Claudia Bradby when she was working for Jigsaw.


The necklace consists of a 16 inch sterling silver chain with movable pendants: a nugget of rose quartz, a sterling silver bean, and a pink freshwater pearl.


The necklace is light, delicate and surprisingly versatile for such pink pieces. I believed at first that it would look too feminine in tone contrasted with richer hues. It is a cool toned piece but it works against warmer colors, and it’s very wearable as a daily accessory.

Another design aspect I think was made with great foresight and care is the fact that this piece is devoid of prosaic feminine symbols such as butterflies, flowers or hearts. It’s a great way to be inclusive of the diversity among young girls and their personal taste in accessories. I can see a lot of young girls gravitating to this piece because it’s neutral and simple.

Unfortunately Claudia Bradby no longer stocks this, but keep an eye on replikate circles and eBay for a chance to buy it.

Shopping with Kate: Claudia Bradby Haul I

I’ve long been curious about this charming jewelry company. Ever since I heard about Kate’s collaboration with them, I’ve been taken in by their simple, clean and delicate designs.

There is nothing too complicated or overdone in their creations. When I looked at their offerings, I fell in love with the Constantine necklace and matching earrings. They are so gorgeous and no-frills at the same time. I ordered these two pieces one week ago.

Shipping was extremely fast! I received my package on Saturday, just 6 days after ordering. This is quite impressive, considering that I am in the United States and the package shipped from the UK.

It arrived in a white bubble mailer, along with a CB merchandise booklet, the invoice and a letter addressed to me.


The box is beautifully made, very compact and understated in its style.

The back of the box displays the website address.


This is the first company I have done business with that houses their merchandise in pull-out boxes. I think this is a brilliant way to ship jewelry. It keep the jewelry locked in tight with no danger of the lid flying off or jewelry spilling out.


I was sent two velour pouches, each containing the necklace and earrings.


The beautiful Constantine drop earrings (£54).


The stunning Constantine sterling silver and pearl necklace (£126).


Details on the necklace. It has 4 silver oblongs and three natural pearls.





A side view of the necklace.


The necklace clasp features a tiny charm with the Claudia Bradby logo etched into it. There is also a darling little seed pearl attached to the very end of the chain.


You’ll notice that the pearls on the necklace are flattened and imperfect. They have a magnificent sheen and luster to them, indicating an excellent coating of nacre.

Here is the booklet I was sent.





I also received a note informing me of the best way to care for my new jewelry.



I adore my new jewelry. I am saving up for the Camellia Amazonite and Rose Quartz Necklace now.  I have grown curious enough about it to want to own it.


Claudia Bradby Kate Rose Quartz and Silver Necklace

Kate never actually wore this necklace. But she did design it.

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In 2007,  Kate was working for Jigsaw as an accessories buyer. Through Jigsaw, she teamed up with Claudia Bradby to design a necklace for girls aged 6-18.

From the website: “Designed in collaboration with Kate Middleton, this delicate silver pendant framed with rose quartz and pearl charms is fittingly feminine. Layer with the Camellia necklace for a full effect.

The pink pearl is traditionally a symbol of love and today rose quartz is known as ‘the stone of gentle love’.”

It features a silver nugget pendant, a small piece of polished rose quartz, and a soft pink pearl. The three pieces hang on a silver chain.

The cost of this is £63 or $98


Claudia Bradby Rose Quartz and Amazonite Camellia Necklace

Kate worked for Jigsaw from 2006 to 2007 as an accessories buyer. During this time, she collaborated with jewelry designer Claudia Bradby to create a new design of necklace for Jigsaw’s junior section.

Kate also wore one of Claudia Bradby’s necklaces for a time. Her chosen necklace was the Camellia.

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Photo credit: Splash Images


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From the website: “The design that caught the eye of Kate Middleton, our amazonite and rose quartz on sterling silver hoop necklace is an exquisite piece of jewellery that will accesorise your wardrobe beautifully. Length 81.5cm.

Rose quartz and amazonite are both associated with love and said to balance the emotions and promote calm.”

It’s a rather fun and colorful necklace. It features silver hoops throughout a long silver chain. Some of the hoops are fitted with either a round rose quartz stone or a round amazonite stone.

Kate casually wore this necklace throughout 2007, sometimes pairing it with her more costly Asprey 167 Button pendant.

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The cost of this necklace is £207 or $325.