Replikate for the Knotted White Bead Necklace

I acquired an older, mostly overlooked replikate.

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Here is the closeup of Kate’s knotted white bead necklace.

white bead necklace2

I found my replikate on Etsy. It came from a shop called Sideshow Sam.



The differences:

-Kate’s beads are more egg shaped or oval. Mine are circular discs.

-My necklace is strung on a plastic wire. It is not as readily movable as Kate’s necklace (which I believe is on a string.

I paid $16 for these at Sideshow Sam.He had just this one in stock. It is possible to find long white bead necklaces online so keep searching. It is best to purchase one that is 24-30 inches long so you can knot it at the middle.

Replikate for the Double Drop Pearl Earrings

When I first saw the double drop earrings on Kate, they didn’t catch my attention immediately. In time, they became more appealing to me and when I found an eBay seller who offers a great replikate, I bought a pair from them.

These are Kate’s earrings:

kate pearl

These are my earrings. They arrived in a small box, enclosed in an organza bag.


The earrings are made of sterling silver and freshwater pearls. The luster on the pearls is exquisitely beautiful.


The main difference is that hers are yellow gold and mine are silver.

I really like them. For now I am fine with them being silver because it’s not noticeable from a distance and it’s a minor detail.

I bought these from goldbank on eBay. I paid $33.48. At the time of writing, there are two pairs of earrings available for purchase. If you are not able to obtain a pair for yourself, look into hiring an Etsy or local jeweler to make a custom pair for you. These have a fairly simple design and should not be difficult to replikate.

Replikate for the Eye of Shiva Shell Earrings

I’ve been drawn to costume/non-fine jewelry lately, so Kate’s pre-marriage Eye of Shiva earrings started to appeal to me a couple of months ago. I searched Etsy for a pair which look similar to hers.

For comparison, here are Kate’s earrings:

kate shell

And here are mine:



I ordered them from Thailand. They took about three weeks to reach me.



Some Eye of Shiva earrings display the shell’s outer surface on the back. The shop I purchased these from capped the back with sterling silver discs.



The silver discs give them some weight and increase the likelihood of them swinging to the side.



I am happy with them  The earrings cost $18 USD and I paid $4 for shipping from Thailand to the U.S. It did take almost a month to reach me, so I must warn you that the seller is not known for fast shipping. Other than that my earrings arrived in perfect condition and as shown in photos.

Here is the link to Patmoo. 

Replikate for the Mappin and Webb Empress Pendant Necklace

I never thought I would own the CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane Duchess Pave Pendant because the retail price is $169. I didn’t love the piece well enough to spend so much money on it.

I found a seller on Ebay who was selling it at a flat price of $45. I jumped at the chance to buy it.

For comparison, here is the M&W pendant.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

It arrived in a black box with foam padding tucked inside.



Here is a closeup of the pendant:



The back of the pendant. You can somewhat make out the KJL logo on the back of the connector:



The differences between this one and the real necklace:

-A more obvious difference is that this one is made of cubic zirconias and silver, not white gold and diamonds.
-The pendant is 23mm in diameter. The M&W one is 15mm.
-The connection between the chain and pendant is made possible by a metal loop which is visible from the front. The M&W necklace positions the pendant between the two chains connecting it, making it appear as though the pendant is suspended between the chains.

I think it’s a good replica. It’s very accurate in terms of design but not size.

You can buy one from here. 

Replikate II for the Garrard’s Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

After my disappointing experience with the Kenneth Jay Lane ring, I kept searching for another replikate.

I found a very nice one on Ebay from Blink of an Eye.



That organza bag you see on the left contains the ring.


The stone, I was pleased to see, is a nice shade of blue. It looks sort of violet-blue in some lights.



And here it is on my hand. Nail polish is Essie Allure.


The size I ordered is 7. My ring finger is a size 6.5, but they didn’t have half sizes and I could wear this on my middle finger (which is a size 7) so I went ahead and got it.

Even on my middle finger, it feels a little loose but it doesn’t slide off easily. I can wear this on an outing and manage to not lose it.

The size of the stone looks to be very close to Kate’s ring. I think it looks very big on me because of my small hands. I estimate it to be a little larger than the real thing, but it’s still much closet to it in size than the Kenneth Jay Lane ring.



The border of ‘diamonds’ is set tightly around the center stone, not set individually as is with Kate’s ring. The border is also thicker than it is on her ring.

Here is the Ebay shop: 

RepliKate for the Garrard’s Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

I didn’t know of this until very recently, but Kenneth Jay Lane did a replica of the engagement ring.

I found one on Ebay for $11 USD and because it was so inexpensive and advertised as being my size, I bought it.


It arrived in a small white box with a black velvet insert.



The simulated sapphire appears more black than blue, but when place against a white background the blue shade becomes more obvious.



Here it is worn:



As you can see, it’s a massive ring. My hands are small, but even on larger hands this would be a very large ring. I estimate it’s about 30% larger than the real thing.

A closeup:



The seller listed this as a size 7, but it’s too slack on my finger. I believe this is a size 8.

I will be putting this up for sale. It’s beautiful, but I won’t be able to wear it if it doesn’t fit.

If you don’t mind a larger version of Kate’s ring, look for this on Ebay.

It’s no longer sold on QVC, but the listing and information are still available here. 

For those who are curious, my nail polish is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Lacquer in Nude Now. I thought it would be appropriate to go with a soft nude, as Kate does often. 🙂

RepliKate for Kiki McDonough Kiki Classic Citrine Pear Drop Earrings

My favorite shop for replikates created one for the much adored Citrine Pear Drop Earrings.


The golden crystal is lighter than it appears to be.


Here the Kiki version on Kate.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Here is the replikate on my earlobe.



I think this is a very good replikate. At a distance, it looks very similar to the Kiki version.

The differences are:

-The metal frame surrounding the crystal is thicker on the replikate.
-The replikates are gold plated and not solid gold.
-From what I have seen in photos, the real ones have an endless hoop closure, not a leverback.
-The originals are more amber/honey colored citrine. The replikates are colored crystal.

What do you all think? Does this pass as a decent replikate?

The Looking Glass Shop (the same shop that made the Asprey Woodland Charms replica I gave away) is continuing to create these earrings. If they have sold out, send a message to Jillian and she will make you a pair.

These cost $20 USD.

I have decided that I want to own the originals made by Kiki McDonough. They are expensive, but I desperately want to own at least one Kiki item that is owned by Kate, and I love citrines anyway. It makes sense to buy them. It will be an investment piece.

When I do buy them, I will be able to properly compare them to these and show you all the photos. 🙂