Robinson Pelham Oxygen Aspen Earrings

On January 31, 2018, Kate wore these earrings in Sweden.

Photo credit: Robinson Pelham

They’re quite large and somewhat casual (in design) for Kate, especially given that she’s taken to wearing more royal jewels in recent years. The earrings consist of a large teardrop pendant made of 14ct white gold and set with a single, uniform row of white diamonds. They are affixed to white gold leverbacks, the front facing sides lined with white diamonds.

Here they are on Kate:

They cost £4,900 or $6,545 USD.


Robinson Pelham Wedding Earrings

Of course, these are the notable and custom made earrings Kate wore when she married William.

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Kate’s parents had these commissioned from Robinson Pelham with the Cartier Scroll tiara and the Middleton family’s new coat of arms in mind. The elegantly carved oak leaves are similar to the scrolls of diamonds on the tiara. From the leaves dangle a diamond lined hollow pear shaped drop. In the center of the drop is a diamond covered acorn.

The company’s website explains how the earrings’ design came about. 

Personally, I love the fact that they included an acorn in the design of her wedding earrings. Most bridal earrings feature floral motifs or butterflies. I think this is a very unique approach to bridal jewelry.

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The cost of these was a little more than $22,000. Robinson Pelham never actually disclosed the price, but many are estimating the cost to be around £15,000.

UPDATE: Kate wore these earrings to Order of the Garter in June 2016. We were all a little surprised to see them out again.


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