Soru Jewellery Ruby Gold Earrings

On January 20, 2020, Kate debuted a second pair of Soru earrings for a Buckingham Palace reception.

From the website: “Handcrafted from 18kt yellow gold vermeil plated onto sterling silver,  genuine ruby gemstones are set within multi facted sparkling crystals.”

In the style of Soru pieces, these earrings are prominent and conspicuous. Ruby stones have a tear drop shape and are framed by eye catching gold beads and crystals. A gold and crystal post suspends the pendant, and attaches to the earlobe by a post back.

Here they are on Kate:

These are $179 USD or £146.

Boucheron Ruby and Diamond Bandeau Necklace

On July 12, 2017, Kate wore to the state banquet for King Felipe a stunning statement necklace that has a long and fascinating history.

The Hon. Mrs. Ronald Greville purchased this necklace from Boucheron in 1907. When she died, she left her magnificent and vast jewelry collection to the royal family. This necklace was one of the items sent to them.


Upon Queen Elizabeth II’s marriage to Prince Phillip (at the time, she was Princess Elizabeth) her parents gave her this necklace as a wedding gift.

The Queen wore this necklace up until the 1980s, and in the following years it would lay in the vault until Kate brought it back into the public’s eye.

The necklace is of course, a statement piece. Numerous white diamonds are set into the frame to create floral clusters. Interpersed among the diamonds are ruby stones.

Two “spines” of diamond rows line the exterior and interior of the necklace to frame the floral clusters and create an established structure to guide the design. A large diamond pendant drop is affixed to the base of the entire piece.

Here it is on Kate.

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Matching her new earrings closely, Kate also wore this necklace on the first day of the 2017 Poland/Germany tour.

The necklace’s pendant looks like an oval version of her tanzanite pendant necklace. Small white diamonds frame the oval ruby stone in the center. The pendant looks to be set in white gold, and the chain looks to be made of white gold.

There is some discussion about whether or not this is a G Collins and Sons piece. It certainly looks like it, but we would need to wait for confirmation. I don’t think this is a set to go with her earrings because the settings are completely different.

Here it is on Kate:

Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Displaying the white and red colors of the Polish flag in her ensemble, Kate stepped off the plane and into the first stop on the 2017 Poland/Germany tour wearing these ruby and diamond earrings.

I noticed the center stone is set in yellow gold. This is not a common feature of G Collins and Sons work, so I don’t believe these are their earrings.

An oval ruby stone is set in a yellow gold setting. It looks like the whole earring is set in yellow gold. Surrounding the ruby are small white diamonds. A yellow gold attachment connects the diamond post to the drop component.

There is some uncertainty about whether these are ruby stones are not. The  color does not look like the usual shade of garnet to me, and given Kate’s history of wearing rubies, and the hue of this piece, I am inclined to say these are rubies.

Here they are on Kate:


Mouawad Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Following up on the previous post, this is the matching bracelet to the necklace, also worn at the Sun Military Awards in 2011.

Photo credit: Polaris Images
Photo credit: Polaris Images

Here is the closeup:

19th December, 2011: Prince William and Catherine arrive at the Imperial War Museum for the Military Awars. Credit: Ken Goff Rota/ Ref: KGC-22
19th December, 2011: Prince William and Catherine arrive at the Imperial War Museum for the Military Awars.
Credit: Ken Goff Rota/ Ref: KGC-22

Echoing the design of the necklace, the bracelet is made of white gold and features two lines of small round diamonds encircling the wrist. In between the two lines are smaller lines of diamonds running perpendicular to them, creating “cells” for the rubies and diamonds to be set inside them. Small circles studded with diamonds and flower-shaped rubies with diamond centers alternate between each cell, creating a diamond circle/ruby flower/diamond circle motif. I believe this has a fluid link (fold over clasp).

This is believed to be a part of a set Kate received when she married William.

Mouawad Ruby and Diamond Necklace

We have seen this necklace at the Sun Military Awards in December 2011.

Photo credit: Polaris Images
Photo credit: Splash News


Here is the closeup:

Photo credi:
Photo credi:


It is widely believed that this (along with the matching bracelet) were wedding gifts.

The necklace is made of a connecting chain of small diamond circles running around the neckline. Suspended on each circle is a short straight line of white gold studded with diamonds. In between the circles are longer lines of diamonds. The lines alternate between short and long lengths to give it a unique pattern. At the very tip of each line is a flower-shaped ruby with a diamond center. I believe the whole necklace is set in white gold.

Given the design and weight of this necklace, I believe it has a fold-over, snap-shut clasp in the back. A necklace like this would need a sturdy clasp, and a lobster clasp would not seem strong enough to hold it in place.

My Small Obsessions received notice that this necklace and bracelet is worn by others, but in sapphires and not rubies. The photo I linked here shows the necklace and bracelet on Samira Said. I’m not sure if Kate’s was customized to have rubies (instead of sapphires), but I know that her necklace is not custom made in terms of design, because Samira owns the same necklace with different stones.