Shopping with Kate: Monica Vinader Siren Wire Earrings in Green Onyx

I recently purchased the Monica Vinader Siren Wire Earrings.

They arrived in a square cardboard box.

The box opens up to reveal some cards offering a lifetime guarantee.

Beneath this is the beautiful plum colored jewelry box.

It flips open to reveal a soft pouch. The earrings are inside.

Here are the lovely, small earrings.

They are somewhat smaller than I expected, but not tiny. They have a good weight to them and aren’t too swingy or heavy.

I did experience some pain when inserting them. The hook is on the thicker side, and it hurt briefly when I pushed it into my piercing. Once it got past the hook and was centered on my earlobe, the pain was gone and I felt like. Presumably, I imagine this was designed to keep the earring from sliding out without the presence of a rubber back or leverback.

These cost $175, but with some discounts I paid $140 for them.

Shopping With Kate: Kate Spade Pretty Poms Earrings in Sumac

I didn’t realize until recently that there is a smaller version of the Pretty Pom  earrings. They are much lighter and lack the long tassels of the bigger version.

I found a pair on Poshmark and purchased them.

Here is the original version, worn by Kate. You can see it lacks the longer tassel in the center.

Photo credit: Kate Spade

Here they are on Kate:

As you can see, they look more prominent on her because she’s wearing the larger version.

Here they are on me:



Shopping With Kate: Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings

A good friend of mine sold me her Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto earrings, at a reasonable price.

The earrings arrived neatly wrapped in the same packaging she bought them in, with a pretty ribbon encircling the box.

The earrings are lightweight, not that long and feel very comfortable on the ear. The only trouble is, the tiny silver bar at the post doesn’t dangle as much if your piercing is higher up on your lobe. This is something to keep in mind.

I find these to be very pretty and serviceable for both formal occasions and casual events. I can see myself getting much use out of these.

I paid $150 for mine. The retail on these is $225 USD.

Shopping with Kate: Shelley Silversmith Large Bronze Modern Ulu Earrings

I purchased these earrings, which were worn during the 2016 Canadian tour, when they went on sale.

Despite the demand for this specific design, they didn’t take that long to reach me in NYC. Shelley makes all her pieces herself, so turnaround can take a while. It took only 10 days once I purchased them.

They arrived well packaged and unharmed.


The embossed design on the box is a wonderfully fine and beautiful touch on the packaging and presentation.

The earrings are nestled on a pad of cotton, hooked onto a card.


Shopping with Kate: Claudia Bradby Kate Necklace

It was through the generosity of a fellow replikater that I was able to buy this necklace. She sold it to me and made sure to reserve it just for me.

This is the necklace Kate designed for Claudia Bradby when she was working for Jigsaw.


The necklace consists of a 16 inch sterling silver chain with movable pendants: a nugget of rose quartz, a sterling silver bean, and a pink freshwater pearl.


The necklace is light, delicate and surprisingly versatile for such pink pieces. I believed at first that it would look too feminine in tone contrasted with richer hues. It is a cool toned piece but it works against warmer colors, and it’s very wearable as a daily accessory.

Another design aspect I think was made with great foresight and care is the fact that this piece is devoid of prosaic feminine symbols such as butterflies, flowers or hearts. It’s a great way to be inclusive of the diversity among young girls and their personal taste in accessories. I can see a lot of young girls gravitating to this piece because it’s neutral and simple.

Unfortunately Claudia Bradby no longer stocks this, but keep an eye on replikate circles and eBay for a chance to buy it.

Shopping With Kate: Russell & Bromley Chester Loafers in Navy Nubuck

Russell & Bromley is a brand that is difficult for me to get my hands on because they don’t ship to the U.S.  I was thrilled to find an eBay seller who was selling a pair of the Chester loafers, and for a fairly reasonable price at that.

I took a chance and ordered them.

The shoes arrived in the R&B box, wrapped in tissue paper with inserts in each shoe to shape the front. There was a dustbag on top of the shoes, neatly folded.

The shoes have a leather lining, leather sole lined with rubber, and nubuck.

I wore these for 12 hours straight. The first 8 hours were fine on my feet. After that, my feet hurt a lot. When I got home, I took them off and pressed my fingers on the insoles. They did not give under the pressure and remained stiff. This means I was walking on stiff leather for hours.

The shoes were comfortable to wear for 8 hours. If you would like to buy these, I advise that you wear them for that time frame or less. These are great shoes for wearing on the weekends to run errands, go shopping or attend a barbecue. Casual events that require little to moderate walking.

I’ll keep these for the aforementioned activities I can do while wearing them. I was planning on purchasing the Pinpoint Courts in Red but I think I’ll skip them. If the loafers hurt my feet I imagine the heels would be worse.

I paid $200 for these. On the company’s website they are £185.

Shopping with Kate: Oscar de la Renta Pearl Sun Star Button Earrings

At first I thought I missed my chance to own these earrings, (they were sold out everywhere) but a friendly and kind Instagram replikater posted a photo of her earrings and stated she wasn’t sure she would keep them. Taking the initiative, I contacted her and asked if she would sell her earrings to me instead of returning them to the retailer.

Taking the initiative pays off sometimes. 🙂

They were sent to me in their Neiman Marcus box, very well wrapped. Inside the box was an OdlR pouch. The earrings were enclosed in a bubble wrapped plastic bag.

The earrings fastened on with a post and a metal earring back. I wore them for hours and felt virtually no discomfort. When I first put them on, they felt substantially weighty but not unbearably hefty.

Here they are on me.

They appear somewhat large at first, but as the day progressed they started to look more appealing and attractive on my ears.

These are fun to wear if you’re a fan of Princess Diana’s jewelry style. They look best when the hair is pulled away from the face.

These cost $175 USD.

Shopping with Kate: Vinnie Day Gold Plated Logo Leaf Earrings

I hadn’t intended to buy these earrings, but while scrolling through Instagram I spotted another replikater selling her pair for just $100 USD.

The retail value of these is £128, or $160 USD. I wasn’t sure when I would get such a good discount, so I bought them.

According to Vinnie Day, “These are a wonderful pair of earrings which we find never go ‘out of fashion’.  They are easy to wear both by day and night. Comfortable to keep in the ears.  The hoops themselves are 1.5cm with the leaf hanging off each hoop being 1.5cm so in total the earrings hang 3cm from the ear hole.”

They were sent to me in their original box.


The gold is a little dulled from time and use, but they still shine well. They are lightweight and look very pretty in person.

My trouble with them came with securing the loop to keep the earring on. The slender metal component that pushes into the ear piercing needs to be slipped into the tiny hole at the other end of the hoop (as you can see in the photo). I had a tremendously difficult time finding the tiny hole, as I cannot see the back of my ear once the earring is in. I would have been able to do it faster if I had someone helping me push it in. It also takes a bit of maneuvering to pull the metal component and hole apart so the metal component doesn’t vacillate on either side of the hole and continuously evade it.

Eventually, I was able to secure it, but by the time it was in, my earlobe was aching and hurting from being pulled, twisted and tugged.

Here they are on my much fatigued ear.


I don’t recommend these because they are too difficult to fasten. It seems to be quite a bit of work to get them secured. I will keep them because I like the way they look and I think they are beautiful. After my initial experience with them, I suspect I know why Kate doesn’t wear her pair any more. She must have similar troubles locking in the hoop.

These are still in stock at Vinnie Day.

Shopping with Kate: York Scarves Maple Leaf Tartan Scarf

I held a poll a while back asking readers whether we should expand this blog’s content to feature clothing and accessories worn by Kate. The majority voted “yes”. Some people did vote ” no”. Out of respect for these people, I will limit the posts that are not related to jewelry to only exact items worn or used by Kate.For non-jewelry items, please check out: Replikate Community.

Today’s example is an item worn by Kate during the Royal Tour of Canada in 2016.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

York Scarves sells their products wholesale, making it impossible for the average consumer to purchase from them directly. An Etsy shop named Juniper Accessories carries York Scarves. It was from this shop I ordered my scarf.

The scarf arrived within three weeks time of order confirmation. It shipped from the UK to NYC. It was mailed in a plastic gray mailer. The scarf itself was neatly folded and encased in clear plastic wrap.


The scarf is thinner than I expected, making wrapping and arranging easy. It doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome around my neck, and it keeps me warm in cold December. The material is soft and feels comfortable against my skin.


The current price is $12.85. I paid just under $6 for shipping.


Shopping with Kate: Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop Earrings

I was able to order these earrings sooner than I expected because there was a sale recently, as well as free shipping.

For my thoughts on the company’s shipping service and packaging, click here. 

The Fern hoops arrived in an embossed leather box lined with black velvet.


As with the other Catherine Zoraida products I’ve purchased, the detail on the earrings is very impressive and exquisite.

The earrings feel lightweight and aren’t too long or too dramatic. The gold gleams very nicely and is of a rich hue. There is no earring back on it, but the hook is extremely long, so it’s not likely this will push out and fall out of your ear piercing.


They look even more beautiful in person. I’m very happy I bought these because I would never have seen the gorgeous detail if I didn’t see it up close.


If you’d like to purchase a pair for yourself, click here.